Wednesday, August 25, 2010

life stories

I have had the MME Life Stories paper for almost a year and thought it was time to use it. I love this paper, but it is very monochromatic and I was struggling to make it have a little contrast. This is what I came up with -- I really tried to pull all of the colors out of the paper.

Anyway, I really love this little mini... just so cute! And the title, "always remember" can really work with any photos. You can see the entire book on ebay here. Today, I am working on a custom baby girl book and then I will be jumping in to all my new Halloween and fall items to make a few creations for ebay (keep watching)!


  1. Hi Samantha, Just wanted to say that I love your work! I've been watching your items on eBay for a while (I'm a seller there, too). I love how clean your designs are and your photos are always fabulous! I'm happy I found your blog ~ best of luck to you!

    -Erica :)

  2. thanks so much Erica!! I watch your items as well and love all your work -- you belong to a very talented design team!!


  3. thanks Dee Dee, so nice to get comments -- I don't get many of those -- lol!!

    Samantha :)