Monday, August 16, 2010

back to school

I can hardly believe it is almost that time again -- only two more weeks here until the start of school -- yikes! While I love spending time with my girls with the no schedule, no rush, lazy days of summer, I am looking forward to getting back into more of a routine... and truthfully, some quiet me time :-) I will mostly use that time to get things done around the house and to scrap. This will be the last year that my little one will be home part of the day with me, she starts kindergarten next year. This will be a little bitter sweet... my oldest will go to middle school and the other kindergarten -- yikes! Anyway, one more year before these milestones. And with the start of school around the corner (or maybe it has started by you already), I thought I would make a school book for ebay. I have never made a school book before (besides for my girls) and thought it would be really fun. I have had some vintage style school paper for years that I just love and wanted to use on this book. You can check out the whole book here. Today I am finishing up a project for ebay -- NOT a book or a 12x12 page, something I have really been wanting to make! I will get it listed today or tomorrow and also post it here on the blog. OK, hope everyone has a wonder day and enjoy these last days of summer!!

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